At Dristex we have 3 generations of textile experience! The owner Daniel Drisdelle has been in the industry for 38 years working as a Textile Specialist Technician. He has founded ''DRISTEX'' 20 years ago and has been working in R&D of new products and fibers there for serving several of the best known brands in Canada! 

Dristex ''business'' is also considered a ''Mission'' that of helping those in need such as fatherless families, homeless people living in the street, back to school programs etc...

Our greatest desire is to help as many people as we can and not to become so taken by business that we should forget those in need!

Daniel Drisdelle, President & Owner

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Dristex Sock Knitting Facilities

Pressing & Packaging

 We manufacture socks in North America with exotic type fibres. 

 Alpaca, Mohair, Merino Wool, Bamboo & other natural fibres. 

 These natural fibres are warm in winter, fresh in summer. 

 Best socks in North America ! 

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